Descent into madness continues with no. 40-31 -LSB

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Christopher Michael Russo, aka Mad Dog, recently received flack for going back on a verbal “promise” he made on air in October about his career.

Russo promised that if the Diamondbacks came back from 3-2 down against the Phillies to win the series in seven games and advance to the World Series, he would retire on the spot. Indeed, Russo is a fool, and should apologize, but not for the pick against the D-Backs, who came back from 3-2 down to defeat Philly.

Mad Dog should apologize to all the other dopes who actually believed someone would give up their livelihood over something they spewed on air for ratings. Russo may be an idiot, but he’s not a dummy. He knows people eat that stuff up and will be compelled to tune in to hear him on Sirius XM or watch him on ESPN.

It was a win-win for this fool and a disappointment for those he grieved. Russo never had any intention of retiring. Stop believing these buffoons, especially those named Russo or Stephen A. Smith. They continue to show us who they are again and again. It’s time we start believing them.

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