DeSantis criticizes Haley’s leadership by bringing up George Floyd’s tweet: ‘Left mentality’ – LSB

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis went after former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley on a local radio show in South Carolina on Tuesday and questioned her “leadership” based on a tweet after the death of George Floyd in 2020.

“I remember when the George Floyd riots happened, I called in the National Guard,” DeSantis told WORD 106.9’s Tara Show in South Carolina on Tuesday.

“I said I sided with the police, and she was tweeting that it should be personal and hurtful to everyone. I was thinking to myself: ‘Why does this have to be personal and hurtful to you or me? We had nothing to do with it.'”

“It just shows an example of her adopting this leftist mindset and accepting the narrative. We need leaders who are going to fight the rhetoric. We need leaders who are going to fight against the left and defeat the left, and I’m the only candidate who has a track record of defeating Democrats and defeating the left on all of these issues.”

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Haley and DeSantis

L – Nikki Haley R – Ron DeSantis (Getty Images)

DeSantis was referring to a tweet from Haley in May 2020 where I wroteHe added: “It is important to understand that the death of George Floyd was personal and painful for many. In order to heal, it must be personal and painful for everyone.”

DeSantis and radio host Tara Servatius also criticized Haley over the transgender bathroom bills, with the Florida governor saying Haley “killed legislation to protect girls and bragged about it.”

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George Floyd mural with flowers

Damara Atkins pays respects to George Floyd at a mural at George Floyd Square in Minneapolis, April 23, 2021. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez, File)

“Here he goes again,” a Haley campaign spokesperson told Fox News Digital. “Ron DeSantis is so desperate to revive his failed campaign, he can’t be bothered with the facts. Nikki Haley has always supported separate bathrooms for biological boys and girls. Ron DeSantis had the exact same position as Haley in a 2018 interview, but now, Ron DeSantis is lying because he’s losing.”

Haley’s campaign was referring to a clip that aired in 2018 in which DeSantis was asked as a gubernatorial candidate if he would “pass a bill” that would allow transgender people “to choose the bathrooms of their choice,” and DeSantis said, “I’ll leave it as it is and stay out of it.” “


George Floyd riots

The building caught fire during the George Floyd riots. (Getty Images)

Since taking office, DeSantis has signed several transgender-related pieces of legislation in Florida, including bills banning sex reassignment surgery for minors, prohibiting the use of pronouns in schools and prohibiting “intentionally entering a restroom or changing facility designated for the opposite sex.”

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