David Letterman admits he ‘misses’ hosting ‘The Late Show’ during his big return to the show after 8 years – LSB

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David Letterman
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David Letterman Make his return to Late Show After last signing on in 2015. The former host was a guest on the new version of the show, which she hosted. Stephen Colbert On Monday, November 20th. David, 76, said it was a pleasure to be back. When Steven asked David what he missed most since he left the show, the comedian replied that there were a lot that made him look back fondly on him. “I miss everything. It’s mostly fun,” he said in the interview.

David was the host Late Show from 1993 until 2015. Stephen noted that he hosted more than 4,000 episodes of the late-night talk show during his career, earning him the nickname “The Iron Man of Late Night.” “They were all very good,” David joked. The former host also talked about how great it was to have the opportunity to have a fresh start the next day. “If you mess up a device, after 24 hours, you can try again, and this is a very good device,” he said. “When you do something you’re really proud of, you say, ‘By God, let’s do it again!’ And six or seven years later, you have that experience again.

The studio audience was clearly happy to see him, and began chanting “David” as he walked out. David, a natural comedian, would joke with Stephen to “control your people.” He then joked: “This is the most enthusiastic crowd I’ve been around since the night I announced my resignation.”

The former host also spoke about how things have changed since he left the show. He complimented how great the studio and dressing rooms were. He also congratulated Stephen on the success of his show. “It’s not easy, but you make it look so easy,” he told him.

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David also sent his wife Regina Lasko Birthday message He said he had nothing else to add to announce. The two hosts also shared their own experiences hosting, sharing secrets about hidden spots in the studio, David’s favorite music memories, and more. They ended up exchanging positions and taking a selfie with David behind the desk.

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