Cricket World Cup 2023 – Australia vs South Africa – Semi-Final – Temba Bavuma on availability for semi-final: ‘I’m quite confident’ – LSB

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Temba Bavuma has confirmed that he is feeling “fine, but obviously not 100%” after suffering a hamstring injury in South Africa’s final league match against Afghanistan last Friday, and that he is “pretty confident” to play in the semi-final against Australia.

“Physically I feel fine. Obviously not 100 percent,” he said in Kolkata. “Obviously today [today] It becomes important regarding the decision about tomorrow [match day]. “I’m quite confident, but this won’t be a unilateral decision that will be made.”

South Africa no longer has a selection committee, and decisions regarding the final squad are left entirely up to the coach. That means the onus will fall on Rob Walter, who said yesterday that there had been no talk of Bavuma dropping form (he has scored 145 runs from seven matches at an average of 20) and that Bavuma would be given the “best opportunity to play for his country”. Walter could not confirm when the final call would be taken but said “in an ideal world” he would not wait until the morning of the match. Bavuma himself said the squad would be announced at a special meeting tonight, while a team spokesman said the media and public would find out. Bavuma during the draw.

All we have to go on is what we’ve been told and what we’ve seen from Bavuma this week. After suffering a hamstring strain, he was not given a scan but was given the weekend to rest. The team had a day off on Saturday and traveled from Ahmedabad to Kolkata on Sunday. Questions about why he did not need an examination were not answered.

They have since attended three training sessions, but Monday and Wednesday were optional, and Bavuma was present at all of them. On Monday, he performed fitness exercises and batted for more than an hour and team management said he was showing “objective signs of improvement.” On Tuesday, he did more intense running drills including some sprinting, a fielding session with one-handed catches and throws, and hitting again, with an emphasis on footwork. Today, after addressing the media, Bavuma did some jumping and stretching exercises, lateral running and more juggling before taking some kicks on the pitch. ESPNcricinfo confirmed that he did not undergo a fitness test.

What we don’t know is what Bavuma still needs to do to get a decent pass. Asked directly what boxes he still needed to tick today, Bavuma said: “I think it’s just using the rest day to continue my rehab and I’ll do some field stuff. I can’t tell you medically, but I think it’s in order for me, from a feeling point of view.” “This is what I can attest to.”

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