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Comedian Neil Nanda has died. He was 32 years old.

“I [am] Deeply shocked and deeply saddened by this. “He was a great comedian, but he was an even better person,” Nanda’s manager, Greg Weiss, Deadline said in a statement on Sunday, December 24. “He had the world before him.”

Nanda is best known for his comedic appearances Jimmy Kimmel Live! And Comedy Central Adam devine house party. According to Weiss, Nanda has a busy appearance schedule until January and February 2024.

Nanda’s cause of death has not been publicly announced. Us Weekly I have reached out for comment.

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After Nanda’s death, many of his comedy peers paid tribute to his memory.

“Rest in peace Neil Nanda. You were one of the nicest, hardworking comedians I’ve ever called a friend. Rife died Trans booksX (formerly Twitter) On Saturday, December 23. “I hope you are at peace, brother.”

For his part, Dane Cook also shared a touching tribute alongside the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number. “I didn’t know Neil Nanda personally but reading so many tributes is heartbreaking and eye opening. I echo so many people saying there is help out there books on saturday. “Please remember you are never alone. People want to help you. There is a way through your pain. Prayers to Neil’s family, friends and fans. Call 988 for help and love.”

Nanda was a long-time fan of comedy before he took up gigs himself. Tell VReporter In September 2018, he copied his favorite Comedy Central jokes into a notebook to retell them to his middle school friends.

“I didn’t realize I was stealing jokes until I was in high school,” he joked to the outlet. “When I was in high school, I started writing my own jokes using the structure of some jokes I’d previously stolen. I filled a notebook with jokes and it wasn’t until college that I realized I could go to an open mic and tell them. I had a friend who read the notebook and told me, ‘You know what? You can do that, right?’ I didn’t know, but after a quick Google search, I landed on Laughing Skull’s open mic.”

Nanda first appeared in Jimmy Kimmeleponymous late-night show in 2017, where he performed a five-minute version of his comedy routine.

“I would say my proudest accomplishment so far in comedy is continuing to perform Jimmy Kimmel Live!“Nanda said VReporter. “I’ve always wanted to do a late-night set, and Jimmy Kimmel It was my first choice. So the fact that it came together kind of amazed me. I have performed on other networks like Comedy Central, Hulu, Viceland, etc., but Jimmy Kimmel It was the first place I ever performed where my parents were fans of the host.

Nanda later hosted the weekly show “Unnecessary Evil” at the West Side Comedy Theater in Los Angeles.

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