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CES 2024 is just around the corner to unveil some wild innovations — and mind-blowing TV technology is expected to steal the spotlight. So the question is, what can we expect from CES 2024 in terms of TV innovation?

Well, did you see? this wild folding TV from TCL? It’s a bendable, flexible TV that was unveiled at Display Week, an annual conference in Los Angeles, in late May.

This prototype 8K TV can bend back 90 degrees. Plus, it has a 120Hz refresh rate and a fast 1ms response time. And interestingly, it’s an ‘inkjet OLED’. Inkjet printing (IJP), acc TechRadaris a cost-cutting manufacturing method that could lead to cheaper OLED prices for consumers.

In addition, IJP promises better energy efficiency and improved illuminance. In other words, it’s greener, cheaper and brighter, as TechRadar puts it. That being said, here’s a list of TV trends we’re expecting for CES 2024.

1. Foldable TVs

TCL isn’t the only company with a flexible TV up its sleeve. C-SEED, acc Maximis set to debut a foldable TV at CES 2024 for the first time.

Unfolded, the microLED TV reveals a 137-inch display. When you’re ready to fold it back up, it collapses from its 7.8-foot height to a rectangular sheet of aerospace-grade aluminum that C-SEED describes as “an object of singular finesse.”

2. Easy to install wireless TVs

Wireless TVs aren’t new to CES. For example, Displace made a splash earlier this year when it debuted a battery-powered TV that one can stick to a surface—no wall mounting required.

Wireless TV

Credit: Displace

For CES 2024, however, Displace has announced that it will unveil two new TVs: Displace Flex and Displace Mini. According to WiFiHiFi, it’s the first to offer a portable, magnetic stand that allows the TV to charge wirelessly. The Displace Mini, on the other hand, is a smaller version of the aforementioned battery-powered TV that won the hearts of CES 2023 attendees.

Every year, companies find new ways to free us from the perils of cables, and it looks like Displace is stepping even further into the innovation pool at CES 2024.

3. Incredibly bright TVs

According to What Hi-Fiflagship OLED TVs barely topped 2,000 nits of brightness this year, but two companies—TCL and Hisense—are breaking that mold.

Super bright TV

Credit: Alexander Bognat

TCL recently introduced its 98-inch X955 model, a TV that reportedly emits 5,000 nits of brightness.

However, Hisense said, “Hold my beer.” At CES 2024, it’s expected to unveil a new 110-inch miniLED TV that can display—wait for it— 10,000 nit brightness. As you can imagine, it is billed as a global brightest television. At this point, we will need sunglasses to watch our favorite movies and TV shows.

Final thoughts

In addition to these three trends, CES 2024 is sure to showcase TVs that try to push the boundaries in terms of picture quality, contrast, pure black levels, brightness, and more.

Stay tuned for Mashable’s coverage of all the new trends expected to make waves at CES 2024.

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