Move over, Spotify Wrapped. This sex toy brand has your year-end orgasm data. – LSB

By now you’ve probably explored your Spotify Wrapped, the annual wrapping of all our music data into year-end charts and superlatives. Given Wrapped’s popularity, other industries have taken Spotify’s cue to release their own version. Today, smart vibrator brand Lioness releases Pleasure Wrapped, a compilation of orgasm data from Lioness users around the world over … Read more

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‘Eileen’ review: The 2024 Oscar race begins with this edgy, sapphic thriller from Sundance – LSB

Such was the buzz around Sundance 2023 Eileen it was like Carol with a touch of Hitchcock. It’s a good noise if you can get it. There are certainly superficial similarities between Todd Haynes’ announced drama and William Oldroyd’s latest. Both are romantic period pieces centered on lesbian lovers, one a mousy brunette, the other … Read more

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