As Schools Move to Change Kids’ Assessments, Some Families Fall Back – LSB

When a public school system in the San Francisco Bay Area explored replacing traditional grading practices with a form of “standards-based grading system” intended to eliminate bias, it sparked widespread opposition from parents. They signed petitions to protest the changes and were in effect at school board meetings. The proposal, which Dublin Unified School District … Read more

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How Teacher Preparation Programs Increase Student Recruiting Efforts – LSB

Earlier this month, the US Department of Education launched an unusual marketing blitz. This includes television advertising encouraging people to go into teaching, particularly encouraging more diversity in the teaching profession. “Experience the unique joy of helping students thrive,” says the public service announcement, which describes a number of people who work with students. “Being … Read more

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How an AI-powered tool sped up student writing – LSB

As educators seek innovative ways to engage students and enhance the learning experience, artificial intelligence (AI) is proving to be an invaluable asset. AI-powered writing tools for English Language Arts (ELA) teachers provide instant feedback, guide students through the writing process, and encourage a more personalized approach to learning. Victoria Salas SalcedoRancho Milpitas Middle School … Read more

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Are Local Efforts the Secret to Supporting Early Care and Education in Red States? – LSB

In one southeastern Idaho town, families strive to “read, talk, play” with their children every day as the larger community moves toward universal preschool. Elsewhere outside of Boise, a number of previously inaccessible services—a food pantry, a Head Start preschool, a health center, and migrant family outreach—are now located under one roof near downtown and … Read more

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Can interactive whiteboards revive online high-dose tutoring? – LSB

The nationwide adoption of high-dose online tutoring after the pandemic was expected to address deepening educational disparities. In addition, it has attracted attention for its ability to provide high-quality education in areas with inadequate teacher supply, particularly in advanced STEM education. However, by 2023, the effectiveness of high-dose tutoring has gradually declined due to low … Read more

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