10 Lessons from Hindu History in 10 Episodes | Sandeep Balakrishna Book review -LSB

SUBJECT: 4.5/5 RESEARCH: 4.5/5 RELEVANCE: 4.5/5 WRITING: 4.5/5 “In India, it is even worse. Since independence the average urban, English-educated Indian Hindu is a stranger in his own land and today fulfills Anand Kumaraswamy’s prophetic warning that the Hindu is “an inexplicable and overwhelmingly rootless, a kind of intellectual pariah who does. East or West, … Read more

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Prasenjit Das Gupta talks about his book, A Conflict in Thin Air Interview -LSB

“Exploring History, Culture and Conflict: Prasenjit Das Gupta’s Journey into ‘A Conflict in Thin Air’”. Prasenjit Das Gupta was born in 1944, a resident of Calcutta. He started his educational journey at St. Xavier’s School and later attended Presidency College. In 1966, he began a career with a prominent chamber of commerce in Kolkata, where … Read more

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