Cara Delevingne, Taylor Swift’s girlfriend, reveals how she feels about her romance with Travis Kelce – LSB

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Cara Delevingne
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Cara Delevingne31, shows support for her friend Taylor SwiftA new relationship in a new interview. The model, who has been friends with the 33-year-old singer for many years, revealed that she is “happy” to be dating the NFL star. Travis Kelsey34, when I spoke to And the! News At the Las Vegas Grand Prix on November 18. She also described the romance as “different”.

“I’m so happy for her,” she told the chief correspondent. Kelty Knight. “There’s definitely something very different about them. I’m always rooting for my girl.

Taylor Swift
Taylor started dating Travis in the summer. (stock struggle)

Cara’s sweet comments come after she recently spent a star-studded dinner party with Taylor and some of her other friends. He was among them Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, Sophie TurnerAnd Brittany MahomesHe is married to Travis Kansas City Chiefs Teammate Patrick Mahomes. They visited Bond Street in New York City, New York and were dressed to impress as they enjoyed a girls’ night out.

In addition to Cara, Gigi has also publicly supported Taylor and Travis’ current romance. “Didn’t the press try this last week with Selena,” she wrote on Instagram on November 13, referring to an article that claimed she “didn’t agree” with the direction the relationship was headed. “So be it…we are so happy for our girl. Period,” she added.

Travis Kelsey
Travis is the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. (Photo News Agency/Noor Photo/Shutterstock)

Although Taylor has not spoken publicly about the romance herself, she has taken actions that indicate she is very happy and proud to call Travis her beau. In addition to showing up at several football matches to cheer him on, she recently changed the lyrics of her song “Karma” to refer to him on stage. “Karma is the guy who comes right back to my house from the Chiefs,” she sang in her song “Argentina.” Tour of the ages The show the athlete attended last week.

Taylor and Travis first sparked romance rumors in the summer after he admitted he failed to give her a friendship bracelet bearing his phone number while she was around. Tour of the ages Show in Kansas City, Missouri.

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