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Candace Cameron Bure He has a lot to be thankful for this holiday season after eldest son Lev got married, Us Weekly can be confirmed.

“They’re all going home,” Cameron Bure, 47, said exclusively. we on Friday, November 17, about her three children’s Christmas plans.

the My Christmas hero The actress, who is promoting the launch of the Kind Children’s Book Club, revealed that in addition to her daughter Natasha, 25, and sons Lev, 23, and Maxim, 21, she and her husband. Valerie Burri They could get a visit from their soon-to-be daughter-in-law.

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Candace Cameron Bure crew! The Fuller House alum has three adult children with husband Valerie Bure and loves sharing their lives on social media. The actress became a mother in 1998 when she and the former professional ice hockey player welcomed their daughter, Natasha. The Full House alum got “a lot of backlash” when she was young […]

“We’re going to be having a daughter very soon. My son is getting married right after Christmas, so we’re very excited. “She’s definitely invited into the family, but we’ll see how the holidays go that way. Now, like two families. Maybe we’ll compete for the kids every year.

As Lev prepares to walk down the aisle with his bride, whose name has not been revealed, Cameron Bure pledged we It does not cause any problems when it comes to planning.

Candace Cameron Bure reveals that her son is getting married
Courtesy of Candace Cameron Bure/Instagram

“am I [mother of the] the groom? no IAM not like that. she insisted. I promise I’m not like that. “I feel like being mother of the groom is probably different than mother of the bride.”

the Fuller House The alum continued, “I’m definitely finding my place in the wedding and being supportive and loving that. Of course, I want to help and do everything, but I’m learning to adapt to my attitude of being available and supportive.”

Cameron Bure said we Although she hasn’t focused on imparting marital wisdom to the happy couple, that doesn’t mean she isn’t ready to help her son find his way as a husband.

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Keeping it real! Candace Cameron Bure has shared many relatable parenting tales since becoming a mother. Fuller House welcomed daughter Natasha in 1998 with husband Valery Bure, followed by sons Lev and Maxim in 2000 and 2002, respectively. The actress met the former professional hockey player in 1994 and they got engaged […]

“I think the marriage advice was like that [given] Along the way. That’s parenting, right? “It’s like constant teaching and counseling,” she said. “They are wonderful people, and we support them. They are amazing.”

The actress, who has been married for 27 years, added: “So, I think the best advice for them is to know that we are here for them with any questions, any needs that they have. We are always here and ready to be available and to answer.”

Candace Cameron Bure reveals that her son is getting married
Courtesy of the Generous Children’s Book Club

In addition to the holiday season and planning a wedding, Cameron Bure said we On Friday, she is excited to launch her own Generous Children’s Book Club with the help of a generous family on Friday, December 1.

“I love everything the generous family does and reading to my children, especially when they were younger, was my favorite thing to do with them.” The New York Times The best-selling author said of the partnership. “I loved the books. They’re a great way to teach lessons but also listen to what your kids are thinking and invite conversations.”

The Socialist Book Club sends members a new book once a month and focuses on stories that promote “important values,” according to Cameron Bure, including “values ​​such as giving, thoughtfulness, generosity, empathy, and compassion.” I mean really cool things that kids not only need to be reminded of, but that we should remember too.

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Gabrielle Union and more celebrity parents have released picture books for children. The Bring It On actress released her first book, Welcome to the Party, in May 2020 to celebrate non-traditional families. “I know I’m definitely not,” Union, who shares daughter Kaavia with husband Dwyane Wade, said during an appearance on the Today show at the time. […]

In addition to the monthly book, subscribers get “all kinds of goodies, like stickers, collector cards, and some family discussion questions,” Cameron Bure said. “So it makes it really fun in a fun package to open.”

In addition, the characters in the books appear again and again. “You’ll see these characters in every story you get and they’re so cute,” she joked. “They have become a little family, but a different character is highlighted each month.”

Fans can pre-order The Generous Kids Book Club starting this week at The first books will ship on December 1st.

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