California Biolab owner has close ties to Chinese government and military: House Report – LSB

The owner of an illegal biological laboratory in California has close ties to the Chinese government, the House Select Committee on the People’s Republic of China announced Wednesday.

According to a report shared by the House Select Committee on the People’s Republic of China, Jia Baizhou, 62, is a wanted fugitive from Canada and a citizen of the People’s Republic of China.

Authorities said Zhou had previously stolen millions of dollars’ worth of intellectual property from U.S. companies and was part of an ongoing transnational criminal enterprise with ties to the People’s Republic of China.

Chu, who used a number of aliases, was arrested in October on charges of “manufacturing and distributing misbranded medical devices in violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDCA) and for making false statements to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).” “.

FBI Director Says Covid Pandemic ‘Most Likely’ Originated From Chinese Lab


Inside the California biolab linked to China. (Fox News)

Biolab laboratory location on the map

Zhu’s Universal Meditech Inc. laboratory website. In Reedley, California. (google maps)

The laboratory of Universal Meditech Inc. Zhu’s company in Reedley, California first raised eyebrows in December 2022 when law enforcement officer Jessalyn Harper noticed a green garden hose sticking out of a hole in the facility and reported Zhu for a code violation.

Further inspection found that the filthy warehouse contained expensive laboratory equipment, manufacturing equipment, and what appeared to be medical-grade freezers.

Harper notices several workers wearing lab coats who tell her they are citizens of the People’s Republic of China.

As she continued into the spacious warehouse, she noticed that some of the refrigerators and containment units had glass doors.


Mice used for testing at a China-linked biolab in California. (Redley City)

Inside, she saw thousands of vials containing biological materials. Much of it was unnamed. Others are labeled in Mandarin or by symbol.

FBI Director Says Covid Pandemic ‘Most Likely’ Originated From Chinese Lab

The city also found nearly 1,000 genetically modified mice. Mice used in human disease research, which biological lab workers told them were “genetically modified to pick up and carry the COVID-19 virus.”

Bottles stored in a biology laboratory

Bottles containing chemicals stored in a biolab in Fresno, California. (Redley City)

The mysterious discoveries spurred the city of Reedley into a nine-month effort to address the public health risks present at the warehouse.

The House Committee on the People’s Republic of China said local law enforcement attempted to contact the FBI and CDC, but the two federal agencies declined to investigate.

Laboratory equipment with laboratories and labels written in Chinese.

Mandarin writing equipment in a biolab located in Fresno, California. (Redley City)

Eventually, local officials contacted their local congressman, Rep. Jim Costa, and asked him for help in obtaining federal aid.

The World Health Organization criticizes China for withholding information about the origin of the Corona virus after pulling data offline

With Rep. Costa’s help, the CDC came to inspect the Ridley Biolab in May 2023.

Bottles and containers in Biolab

Bottles and other items in containers at a biological laboratory in Fresno, California. (Redley City)

A cup of dry liquid with residue inside.

A beaker containing residue accumulates on dirt and other various equipment in a biological laboratory in Fresno, California. (Redley City)

Based on reading labels alone, the CDC reported that the facility contained “at least 20 potentially infectious agents,” including HIV, tuberculosis, and the most severe forms of malaria known.

The CDC also found a group of “potentially infectious agents” and separated them into two subgroups: “Risk Group 2 and Risk Group 3.”

The CDC defines “risk group 2” as “a human disease that is rarely serious and for which preventive or therapeutic interventions are often available.” [and] [t]“These factors represent a moderate risk to the individual but a low risk to society.”

“Risk Group 3” is defined as pathogens “associated with serious or fatal human disease and for which preventive or therapeutic interventions may be available. These agents present a high risk to the individual but a low risk to society.”

Stains at the bottom of the refrigerator under containers.

The stains were found next to containers at a biological laboratory in Fresno, California. (Redley City)

Despite the recognized risks, the CDC declined to further investigate what appeared to be pathogens or other biological samples in unmarked containers in the biolab.

Although city officials have offered to pay for testing, the CDC still refuses, the committee said.

The World Health Organization abandons the investigation into whether the Corona virus leaked from a Wuhan laboratory, and rules out the theory

The CDC summarized its findings in a three-page report, said there was “no evidence of the presence of selected agents or toxins” and asked state and local authorities to destroy evidence from the facility under a court order, the committee said.

Biological waste bins

The CDC ordered local officials to dispose of about 140 tons of general waste, including complex laboratory equipment and 448 gallons of medical and biological waste.

The committee noted that law enforcement has received “minimal guidance from federal experts” on biological waste disposal.

While removing biological waste, local officials and contractors reported finding a refrigerator labeled “Ebola” with silver-sealed bags.

An ant crawling next to the dirt inside the refrigerator.

Ants were found crawling inside a contaminated refrigerator at a biological laboratory in California. (Redley City)

The CDC’s “refusal” to test pathogens found at the Biolab makes it “impossible for the select committee to fully assess the potential risks this particular facility poses to the community,” the panel said.


“It is possible that other highly dangerous pathogens were present in the coded or unlabeled vials. Because of government failure, we simply cannot know,” the report said.

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