Brie Larson reveals 36-year-old rescue dog chose ‘ridiculous’ name: ‘His vet is confused’ – LSB

Brie Larson She has a new “doll” in her life: her rescue dog.

“He’s so cute and I’m sorry for keeping him away from you, but his name is Six-Thirty and I thought I might have broken this.” [SAG-AFTRA] “I strike if you talk about it,” the Oscar winner, 34, said during an appearance on Friday, November 10. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “I didn’t choose his name. He chose it. [but] I don’t have the heart to tell him that this is ridiculous and completely inappropriate.

Larson explained that when she rescued Six-Thirty, he was “very shy” and she had worked out a few different name options.

“My friends were getting rid of everything under the sun,” she noted to host Jimmy Fallon. “And my best friend, he’s a food consultant [my new show] Chemistry lessonsShe saw him and said: Oh my God! It’s half past six! So look up.”

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Larson thought the choice of nickname, even though it captivated the dog, was “pretty weird.” But when she said, “Thirty-six” a few times, he kept answering her — unlike anything else she tried to call him.

“I tried everything. I had four days where I called him Dog, Jeremy, Jimmy and David Marvel lamented the star. “I’ll open the storeroom and say, ‘Are you accurate?’ Are you salt? Are you black pepper?

Brie Larson reveals the 36-year-old rescue dog chose his name

Brie Larson and Jimmy Fallon on November 10, 2023.

Todd O’Young/NBC

“He chose it, so please be respectful when you see it,” she continued.

While Larson and Six-Thirty have come to terms with the decision, the pet’s veterinarian was not as understanding.

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“His vet thinks this is ridiculous. His vet is confused,” Larson noted. “The receptionist will say, ‘It’s six-thirty here.’ “It’s two o’clock, I don’t know what that means,” he said. “It’s confusing.”

Although Larson is a proud dog mom, she won’t be getting a cat anytime soon — despite her on-screen character, Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers’ girlfriend, Gus.

“I’m still sensitive,” she joked. Entertainment Weekly in an interview published in July, stating that she couldn’t perform her MCU stunts while the cat was present. “I hope that changes. But until that happens, a lot of the CGI budget goes toward me and the cat.

together Captain Marvel And a sequel Wonders — released Friday — superhero Larson finds a special connection with a friend named Gus. In keeping with comic lore, vultures are an alien species that resemble a cat but have hundreds of tentacles in their mouths – which can come in handy when fighting bad guys.

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