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Bradley Cooper reveals he had a rule

Bradley Cooper

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Bradley Cooper He has a unique set of rules while directing, including “no chairs” on set.

“For me, it was a natural transition, once I had the courage to write and direct a movie. But when I’m directing, I don’t watch the playback. There are no chairs,” Cooper, 48, said. Spike Lee About photography Artist, band leader In an interview with L diverse Posted on Wednesday, December 14th. “I’ve always hated chairs on set; Your energy drops the moment you sit in the chair.

Considering that filming can typically take anywhere from 12 to 16 hours a day, Cooper’s commitment to keeping his actors in the moment certainly seems strong, which he understands. He admitted that he “changed” during the filming process, and he was not surprised if his film was not liked by all viewers.

“I’ll say this about him Artist, band leaderHe continued: I grew up watching this movie. “It changed me as an artist. People may not like that. I’m sure they won’t.

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Plus there are no chairs American blackmail The actor also noted that there is “no video village” on set, which hints at the elimination of the screens that usually surround the director during filming.

Cooper directed and starred in it Artist, band leader as composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein in return Carey Mulligan, who played the wife of the music legend, Felicia Montealegre Cohn Bernstein. A star-studded cast is also included Matt Bomer (David Oppenheim) Maya Hawke (Jimmy Bernstein) Sarah Silverman (Shirley Bernstein) Jeremy Strong (John Jonas Gruen), and Sam Nivola (Alexander Bernstein). Artist, band leader It marks Cooper’s second major motion picture directorial work since 2018 A star is born.

Cooper praised the “genuine actress” Mulligan, 38, for her talent and commitment.

Bradley Cooper reveals he had a rule

Carey Mulligan and Bradley Cooper attend the Netflix “Maestro” photo call in Los Angeles on December 12, 2023.

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“I didn’t focus half the day on trying to get Carey Mulligan to a place where I thought she was serving Felicia Montealegre’s needs. She put the work in there. There are very demanding scenes in this movie,” he explained. “There’s a fight scene that lasts for three or four minutes where it’s one wide shot. the range. Also, I have a four-minute session where she has guests when she’s dying of cancer. So I told her: Look, I don’t want to break this. Because she has a skill set as an actress, and because she understands rhythm, we were able to make music together as Lenny and Felicia.

Of course, Cooper isn’t the first director to have unique rules on set. In fact, it’s not the only outlet known for banning chairs. American actress Anne Hathaway The manager said Christopher Nolan He also doesn’t allow chairs on set, explaining, “If you have chairs, people will sit, and if they’re sitting, they won’t work,” in a 2020 episode of miscellaneous “Actors upon actors.”

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the Oppenheimer The director’s team denied the allegations and said Nolan personally chose not to sit while working on set.

“For your information, the only things prohibited are [Nolan’s] The devices are cell phones (not always successful) and smoking (very successful).” Kelly Bush Novak He told IndieWire at the time. “The chairs Anne was referring to are the director’s chairs clustered around the video screen, allocated based on hierarchy rather than physical need. Chris chose not to use his chairs but he never banned chairs from the set.

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