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Gun rights groups are taking a position challenging the Justice Department’s model legislation published this week that gives states a framework for codifying gun storage rules.

The Justice Department on Wednesday published a framework aimed at helping “more states enact sensible gun safety laws,” which includes requirements for securing firearms kept in residences and vehicles and requirements for reporting lost or stolen firearms to law enforcement.

Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco said of the announcement: “We cannot resign ourselves to losing our neighbors, our loved ones — and even our children — to the misuse of firearms that would otherwise be kept out of our reach.” “The model legislation announced today provides states with new tools to improve the safety of legally owned firearms and reduce the tragic toll of gun violence on our communities.”

However, Second Amendment advocacy groups Gun Owners of America (GOA) and the National Rifle Association (NRA) say the models are too broad and could undermine self-defense mechanisms for legal gun owners.

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Gun barrel at the Nations Arms Show

Gun rights groups say the Justice Department’s model gun safety legislation undermines the self-defense purposes of gun ownership. (Photo by Celal Gunes/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

“The NRA is the leader and strongest advocate for responsible firearm storage,” Jennifer Bryman, of the NRA-ILA, told Fox News Digital.

Bryman added that the model legislation “irresponsibly and unwisely imposes top-down, one-size-fits-all mandates on how Americans store their guns.”

“Weapons should be stored so that unauthorized persons cannot access them, but details depend on individual or family circumstances,” Bryman said.

Breiman also accused the Justice Department of using this as an opportunity to push “extreme risk protection orders,” which she described as “a cloaked term for gun confiscation without due process.”

Chris Stone, director of state and local affairs for Gun Owners of America, accused the Justice Department of Wasting time and resources trying to force state legislators across the county to pass unconstitutional requirements for storing firearms, just as they tried with gun confiscation laws.

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A man carries a gun in his holster

“Weapons should be stored so that unauthorized persons cannot access them, but details depend on individual or family circumstances,” Bryman said. (Istock)

“Ultimately, these laws undermine the ability of law-abiding citizens to reliably access firearms in home defense scenarios and violate the privacy and private property rights of American citizens.”

The GOA said it would fully oppose the legislation “in every state’s capital and will respond forcefully with our people’s army if any lawmaker swallows the bait.”

The proposed model would require that the firearm owner, at all times when the owner is not carrying the firearm on his or her person or within such close range that the possessor can easily retrieve and use the firearm, secure the firearm in a locked gun safe, or equipped with a tamper-resistant mechanical lock, or Any other safety device that is tamper-resistant, rendering the firearm inoperable.

The legislation would impose fines if a gun owner is caught in violation.

Keeping firearms and ammunition locked was associated with a “reduced risk of firearm injuries to children and adolescents in homes where guns are stored,” the Justice Department said in its proposal.

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A man holds a gun holster in front of a concealed carry class

A man displays a gun holster at a concealed carry permit class held by Firearms Training USA in Provo, Utah. (Getty Images)

“Secure storage also protects adults by preventing unintentional shootings and reducing the risks of firearm suicide, gun theft, and criminal use of firearms,” the agency said.

The Department of Justice noted that in 2020, firearm-related injuries became the leading cause of death for children and adolescents between the ages of 1 and 19. Firearms are used in nearly half of all suicides committed by minors, and the majority of individuals who commit suicide are… Kindergarten through twelfth grade. Mass Shooting The firearms used in the shooting were obtained from a family member.

“The Department does not support any specific language for the Safe Storage Act, and the model legislation is not intended to provide a comprehensive firearms safety plan that can be adopted wholesale,” the department said.


“Instead, this model statute draws from already existing state laws, identifies key provisions that may be important to help ensure fair, effective, and safe implementation of such a law; and identifies options states should consider as they legislate in this area,” he said. that it.

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