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Under Deck Meds, Kyle criticizes Max for saying he's part of the LGBTQ community despite being straight

Kyle Viljoen, Max Salvador

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Below the surface of the Mediterranean Sea‘s Max Salvador He landed himself in hot water after being told Kyle Viljoen He considers himself part of the LGBTQIA+ community despite being straight.

During the Monday, November 13 episode of the show, the crew enjoyed a wild night before returning to the boat. Kyle and Max end up discussing how Max kissed their now former guest and if there could be a future there.

“I’m tipping the entire season that you and Lenny will never make it,” Kyle said to Max, who accepted the bet with a soup handshake. “You are 23 years old, a mature businesswoman.”

Kyle who he is engaged to Dr. Zachary RileyHe brought up the topic of sexuality when he added, “Don’t rub your rectum here.” “LGBT plus S,” Max explained, to which Kyle asked, “What’s S?”

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When Max emphasized that he meant “straight,” Kyle denied the assumption that he is part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

“You guys have ‘straight.'” Kyle, who is gay, pointed out that you can’t include yourself in the gay community, you must be crazy. “Stand up your straightness and show us your ally. That’s it.”

Meanwhile, Max was clearly drunk after drinking all night and seemed confused by Kyle’s remark. “Me? Of all of us being together? You don’t like that?” Asked.

Kyle stood by his initial reaction to Max’s comment, saying, “LGBTQIA+ does not include straight people. We don’t even include allies within our acronym. That’s our thing. I accept your allyship but I don’t accept you saying you’re part of the LGBTQIA+ community.”

According to Max, using the LGBTQIA+ label allowed him to join a welcoming group of people. “But, brother,” he pointed out to Kyle, “the purpose of the world is to be accepted by everyone.”

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The conversation became more tense when Kyle asserted that Max had no place in his space, adding: “You accept me but you can’t be part of my community. You’re not gay or bi.”

Natalia Scudder She intervened to explain Max’s point of view, which only worsened the situation. She asked Max if he would be interested in having a threesome with another man and a woman and took his agreement as a sign that he fell into the “bi-curious” category.

“Part of society is accepting every community,” she told Kyle, who responded. Sit in the back seat. “It’s not about you, it’s about him.”

Earlier in the episode, Kyle began to wonder if his friendship with Natalia was real. They had previously been at odds while filming season 7 because Natalia felt she had done more work than Kyle. Natalia and Kyle tried to start over after joining Mustique, but that quickly began to unravel.

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Kyle began to wonder if Natalia was the reason behind the internal team’s disharmony. He referred to Natalia’s feud with the Chief Soup Tommy Mhlongo And how it looks like she made soup Jessica Asay He doubted Kyle’s intentions.

Natalia’s support of Max’s ignorant attitude caused Kyle to become even more frustrated with her.

“I’ll talk to you the way I want. You can’t control me. You’ll never control me,” he told Natalia. “I don’t need you to control everyone’s opinion. [Focus on your] Own your annoying life before you mess with ours. She’ll throw you under the f-king bus.

The insults shocked Natalia, who said she had “never been talked to like that” in her life. Meanwhile, Kyle remained unfazed by his behaviour, adding: “I don’t care about our friendship. Our friendship was never real. You’ve been a fake talking bitch since day one. Get away from me.”

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Before the episode aired, Natalia revealed her situation with Kyle after the dramatic season Below deck med.

“He is the devil,” she said exclusively. Us Weekly on November 3 at BravoCon in Las Vegas. “[It’s] Annoying because he set me up and Tommy [for] A very bad start to the season. Tommy and I are on a good page now. “We agree that there was definitely one person who caused this drama, but we are in good shape now.”

Below the surface of the Mediterranean Sea It airs on Bravo Mondays at 9pm ET.

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