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Bebe Rexha David Guetta performs at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards

Bebe Rexha and David Guetta.

Gerrit Clark/Getty Images for Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha She gave an electric performance of her and David GuettaSongs at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards.

Rexha, 34, and Guetta, 56, brought their 2022 hit, “I’m Good (Blue)” — which was nominated for top collaboration, top Billboard international single, and top dance/electronic song — and its 2023 follow-up, “ “One in a Million” at the awards ceremony on Sunday, November 19. “I’m Good (Blue)” spent 55 weeks at number one painting‘s Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart, making it the second longest-running No. 1 song in the chart’s history after “Happier” by Marshmallow And Bastille at week 69.

The performance began with Rexha surrounded by an orchestra singing a slow version of “I’m Good (Blue)”. When the song transitioned into “One in a Million,” she changed her dress into dark leggings with a corset top and sparkling shoes as she joined the dancers on stage surrounded by fans.

After the performance, Rexha accepted the award for Best Dance/Electronic Song. “It’s been an amazing journey… We didn’t think it would become a global anthem like this. We wanted to flip a fun song from the past, I can’t believe how far the song has come,” she gushed as she thanked her fans.

Billboard Music Awards 2023

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Guetta shared his acceptance letter from another site. “Thank you so much,” he said. “This is unbelievable.” “Pepe, I love you. Thank you for being a part of my life. I think we bring luck to each other. I’m very proud of you. I’ve seen you start out as a songwriter and now become a star.

Rexha and Guetta wrote “I’m Good (Blue)” in 2017 but initially shelved the track. Years later, she was surprised to hear a bootleg copy of the recording on social media. “I was just scrolling through TikTok and heard a girl singing along to a remix of ‘Blue,'” she said. diverse in October 2022, in reference to Eiffel 65’s 1998 song “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” which inspired her collaboration with Guetta. “I thought, ‘Damn, David and I had the idea to do this the other day.’

Rexha later realized, after sending the video to her social media manager, that she was listening to her own song. “I go on YouTube, and it has 30 million views,” she recalled. “I’ve been told it shows up on YouTube every year, goes viral and then gets taken down.”

Bebe Rexha David Guetta performs at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards

Bebe Rexha.

Brittany Long/WireImage

When Rexha discovered the popularity of the unreleased song, she re-recorded her vocals and encouraged Guetta to finish producing it so they could drop the official demo. Upon its release, the track achieved major chart success. “It’s unbelievable,” Guetta said. “It’s refreshing that we live in a time when people really choose what they want to listen to.”

Bebe Rexha's rise and fall over the years

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Regarding the reason for the song’s success, Rexha pointed to the familiarity of her voice. “People love nostalgia, and the new millennium is back in full force when it comes to fashion and music,” she explained. “I also think people have been isolated for three years and just want to be happy and feel good.”

Meanwhile, Guetta believes the answer is less complicated. “Sometimes, when you can express a simple emotion, people really relate to it,” he noted. “Doing something simple that doesn’t look corny is very difficult. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But this time it worked better than we could have imagined.”

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