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Mitchell Johnson says he received a “very nasty” text from David Warner earlier in the year that partly prompted his attack on the Australian Test opener in his column while describing chief selectors George Bailey’s response as “absolutely disgusting”.

Bailey was asked to respond to Johnson’s article during a press conference after Australia’s Test squad was announced for the first Test against Pakistan on Sunday and said “I hope he’s OK.”

Warner has not spoken publicly, but his manager James Erskine has Sin Radio on Monday said Johnson was entitled to his opinion but thought it was “a bit sad” to see former cricketers criticizing current players.

Johnson then spoke on his podcast Mitchell Johnson Cricket Show on Tuesday and claimed that the basis for his attack on Warner came from a text message he received in April after another article written by Johnson in which he inquired about Warner’s model and Candace Warner’s public defense of her husband’s spot on Fox Sports Television. Displays Back page.

Johnson said he received a text message from Warner after the article that was very disappointing.

“I got a letter from Dave, and it was very personal,” Johnson said. “I tried to contact him to try to talk to him about it, which I’ve always been open to. I know I was open to the lads when I finished playing. I said if I’m in the media and I’m writing things or saying things you don’t like, just come and talk to me.

“It’s never been personal up to this point. That’s probably what prompted me to write the article as well, part of it. It was definitely a factor. Some of the things that were said in that, I wouldn’t say. “I think that’s up to Dave to say if he wants to talk about it. “There were some things that were very disappointing, what he said, and it’s too bad to be honest.”

Johnson went on to state that his attack on Bailey was also partly prompted by a night-time text message he received from the Australian chief of selectors following another article he had written recently in which he questioned why West Australian paceman Lance Morris pulled out of the Sheffield Shield game to manage his workload ahead of the summer Test.

“He sent me a letter after the Lance Morris article I wrote,” Johnson said. “It was a bit condescending. When you receive that at all hours of the morning, it was very disappointing.”

Johnson was also angry about Bailey’s response to his column on Sunday, which he interpreted as criticism of his mental health.

“To ask if I’m okay because I have mental health issues is to greatly trivialize my article and put it on mental health, which is very disgusting, I think,” Johnson said.

“It’s basically looking into someone’s mental health and saying I must have something going on, a mental health issue made me say what I said. That’s not the truth. That’s quite the opposite. I’m actually clear-headed.”

“I’m fine. I want to make sure everyone knows I’m okay and that I’m doing really well.”

“I’m not angry, I’m not jealous. I’m just writing a piece that I felt I needed to write.”

“Maybe I was angry about receiving a text from him at all hours of the morning and the disrespect of making a phone call.

“I can’t say I was hurt by the messages. I was disappointed and it was unexpected. It probably upset me a little.

“The thing I struggle with the most is not making those phone calls. I’d rather have a conversation with these people face to face or over the phone. Preferably face to face is the best way to do it. So to receive those messages was very disrespectful to me.” .

Johnson took full ownership of the article even though it was co-written with a ghostwriter from Western Australia. He said his only regret was not pulling a line in the piece indicating that “Bunnings would sell sandpaper” if fans were asked to bring something to wave to bid farewell to Warner.

“It was probably distasteful and something I thought didn’t need to be said,” Johnson said. “Apart from that, all of this has been read and I signed it.

“I came up with this myself. This was something that came to mind earlier in the week that I wanted to talk about. In fact, I gave myself a few days to review it.”

“I’m not looking for attention. It’s just my opinion and how I see it.”

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