Ariana Madix ‘Wouldn’t Be Surprised’ If ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Fans Turn on Her During Season 11 – LSB

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Vanderpump RulesAriana Madix She received an outpouring of support when her ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval He had an affair with their colleagues Raquel Levis – But she knows that public opinion can change at any time.

In response to an Instagram user’s recent prediction of this Pump rules Viewers “will hate Ariana” and “develop a soft spot for Tom” during Season 11. “We certainly wouldn’t be surprised if the audience swayed that way,” Ariana, 38, wrote.

Fans got their first glimpse at how Ariana and Sandoval’s dynamic will change during a teaser for Season 11 that dropped earlier this month. (The highly anticipated new installment premieres in January 2024.)

“He ruined my life and my house and then tried to kill my fucking dog. My lawyer will deal with you,” Ariana shouted at Sandoval, 41, in the trailer.

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix on the red carpet of the 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards Unscripted

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He left his mark on reality TV. Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix found themselves at the center of drama after joining Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules. Viewers were initially introduced to Sandoval’s love life through his turbulent relationship with Kristen Doute. Amid their on-and-off relationship, the former couple’s future was thrown into question when Maddix came to work […]

After the clip premiered at BravoCon, Ariana exclusively said Us Weekly The allegation that Sandoval tried to kill her dog was based on his continuing “reckless and reckless behavior.”

Elsewhere in the clip, the exes – who called it quits in March after nine years of dating in the wake of the scandal – tried to enjoy a stroll on the beach with their mates. James Kennedy He literally drew a line in the sand, telling the group, “This is Ariana’s side, and Sandoval’s side is here. Don’t cross the line.”

although Pump rules The cast has reunited to film new episodes, but not everyone on set is friendly with Sandoval. Lala Kent She clarified her stance with the restaurant owner after she defended him in front of a booing crowd in the restaurant Vanderpump Rules BravoCon panel earlier this month.

Everything Raquel Levis and Tom Sandoval said about their relationship

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Modern talk? After Tom Sandoval and Raquel Levis’ relationship was revealed, the Vanderpump Rules cast spoke at length about the drama. Us Weekly confirmed in March 2023 that Sandoval and Ariana Madix had called it quits after nine years together due to his infidelity. Immediately after the news broke, Maddix’s current teammates were impressed by his former teammates […]

“I know Ariana knows me and sometimes I have to remind her that even though I say these things, it doesn’t mean I’m going to invite her over.” [Sandoval] “For Christmas dinner,” Lala, 33, explained during the Monday, November 13, episode of her show on Amazon Live.

Pump Rules Ariana Madix says fans may turn on her during season 11

Ariana Madix.

Mindy Small/Getty Images

She continued: “This does not mean that I am checking on him. Like, you’re my friend. I will always be honest with you and always support you.

Lala added that fans will have to tune in to find out how the actors deal with the fallout from this case. “This season is going to look very different. I think everyone is very lethargic and confused,” she said.

While Sandoval will face the music during Season 11, Raquel, 29, has decided not to return to the Bravo reality series. She opened up about her choice during an appearance in August Bethenny FrankelThe “ReWives” podcast.

“I know the other people on the cast are more important than me. So, I don’t even think I’ll get a redemption arc, to be honest,” Raquel said. “I also know I won’t be able to share my whole story. Everything I share is condensed into five minutes maximum.

Raquel also said she “demanded equal pay with Tom and Ariana” and compensation for her time in a mental health treatment facility after the scandal. “They refused to pay me equally,” she claimed. Frankel, 53, chimed in to say that Raquel gets less money than her trainees.

Lisa Vanderpump She later dropped the allegations, telling TMZ that Raquel made $361,000 in Season 10 of the series. Pump rules.

“when [Raquel] She was at the facility, her team texted us and we emailed. We wanted to make sure she was in a good place first and I was going to talk to her face to face,” Lisa, 63, told the outlet in August. “I talked about it [returning]. Her team communicated. But in the end, I think she decided not to do it.”

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