Ariana Madix says “there’s a lot” ‘Vanderpump Rules’ fans will never know about the scandal – LSB

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Ariana Madix hints that VPR fans won't know about the scandal
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Ariana Madix It shows that there are some aspects of Scandoval that remain secret.

“There’s a lot they’ll never know,” Maddix said. Good morning America On Saturday, February 10, when asked about the meeting Vanderpump Rules Fans who think they know every detail about her ex-boyfriend Tom Sandovalissue. “To be fair, they know a lot but there’s a lot they’ll never know.”

Maddix also called out Bravo viewers who are judgmental while watching Season 11, reminding viewers that current episodes of the show were filmed months after she discovered Sandoval’s relationship with the then-actor. Rachel “Raquel” Levis.

“Things air for a lot longer after that [they take place]. She added: “There are people who ask: Why don’t you do this?” “And [the answer] It’s February and it happened in June [2023]”.

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Vanderpump Rules has officially been renewed for Season 11 — and viewers are facing a messy return in the wake of Raquel Levis and Tom Sandoval’s cheating scandal. Us Weekly confirmed in March 2023 that Sandoval and Ariana Madix had called it quits after nearly a decade of dating due to his infidelity. like […]

News broke in March 2023 that Madix and Sandoval, 41, had called it quits on their relationship of nearly 10 years due to his infidelity. As a result, cameras captured more footage of the new season finale to document the scandal. Cast – including Maddix, Sandoval, Levis, 28, Lala Kent, Shayna Shay, Katie Maloney, Tom Schwartz And James Kennedy – They reunited weeks later to address the reunion drama.

As ratings soared, current and former stars of the show took advantage of the opportunity to create more success for themselves. Meanwhile, Levis checked herself into a mental health treatment center and has since confirmed her exit from reality TV.

Tom Sandoval says he misses

Tom Sandoval, Raquel Levis

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During the season 11 premiere, which aired in January, Madix made it clear that she doesn’t plan on speaking to Sandoval or Levis again.

“My feeling is that whatever work she’s doing, I wish the best for her there. But she’s still doing the same things. She’s still in touch with him and they’re still sending packages back and forth to each other,” she told Kent in the episode. “For me, I feel Worried that there are certain people in this world who view these types of conversations as a foot in the door. And there is no foot to be had.

A guide to where Raquel Levis and Tom Sandoval stand now with their respective stars

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Raquel Levis and Tom Sandoval faced major backlash over their cheating scandal — and their Vanderpump Rules stars were front and center. The couple made headlines in March 2023 when Us Weekly confirmed that Sandoval and Ariana Madix had called it quits after nearly a decade together due to his infidelity. beauty […]

Despite the overwhelming interest that Vanderpump Rules As a result of the controversy, not everyone was happy with the aftermath of the scandal. Executive Producer Alex Baskin He recently explained why he referred to the scandal as “the worst thing that ever happened.” Vanderpump Rules.

“Contrary to what some people in some quarters have said about this controversy saving the show, the truth is we had a great show in Season 10,” Baskin said on Kent’s “Give Them Lala” show in January in response to the suggestion that Sandoval’s betrayal It saved the Bravo show from cancellation. “Actually, we had a great season. It was a bounce-back season and the fans were interested in it.

Baskin remembers having moments when he wished the scandal had never happened.

Vanderpump Rules where is it now

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“I felt there was a danger of burning too quickly and with too bright colors,” he said. “I also thought this was the only thing that would happen to this group that threatened to tear everyone apart.” Everything else was something we were able to overcome and I didn’t know we could put the pieces back together again.

Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules It airs on Bravo Tuesdays at 8pm ET and will be available to stream on Peacock the following day.

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