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Ariana Grande, Ethan Slater
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Ariana Grande30 y Ethan Slater31 years old, they first appeared on Instagram when a friend posted new photos on Monday. Andrew Rannells She was snapped with both the singer and actor as well as other famous friends, including Josh Gad And Michael UrieWhen they were hanging out at Ethan’s new show on Broadway, Spam. The lovebirds were dressed in casual clothes, including a gray blazer for her, a white, grey, black and blue striped jacket and jeans for him, and they posed with big smiles for the others.

“We had some great fun at Schlemmer’s yesterday! SpamEthan Slater and Michael Urie! Two great guys to have dreams with. Plus Ariana Grande! It was a perfect Sunday. Go to see SpamAndrew wrote in a comment on the post.

Ariana and Ethan’s latest photo comes two weeks after they made headlines when they were spotted attending Spam To support her new lover. Several people approached her as she exited the stage and she wore a commemorative tiara as she walked outside wearing a beige dress, long brown coat, and matching heels. Before getting into a limo to head home, she stopped to pose for photos and take selfies with fans, many of whom lined up outside the venue.

Ariana and Ethan were first linked romantically around July after meeting and working together on the upcoming film. evil. She was still married to her now ex-husband Dalton Gomez At that time, their divorce was filed that same summer. Ethan was also married to his now estranged wife, Lily Jaywith whom he shares one child, received criticism after it was reported that they had split and he began dating Ariana.

Ariana Grande
Ariana at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in July, around the same time she was first romantically linked to Ethan. (Javier Garcia/Shutterstock)

Since Ariana and Ethan first started dating, they have been spotted together several times. One outing included dinner and another included a visit to Disneyland. Neither of them has publicly confirmed their romance but neither has been shy about feeling comfortable in public.

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