Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater are said to be “very involved” in each other’s lives amid a deepening romance – LSB

Ariana Grande Ethan Slater
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The relationship between Ariana Grande30 y Ethan Slater, 31, seems to have become more serious. A new report claims they have met each other’s families as their relationship continues to develop. “Ethan and Ariana’s relationship is going very well, and they are both very involved in each other’s lives,” a source said. Us Weekly For a report on November 14. “Ethan has met her family. She has met his family.

Furthermore, the Nickelodeon graduate feels that “it’s important for anyone she dates to meet her family.” The insider added that the entertainment couple makes it a “top priority” to be “very family-driven and so loving toward each other.” The outlet’s source confirmed that Ariana’s family approves of their relationship. “She gave to Ariana’s entire family [Ethan] Stamp of approval,” it said.

According to the outlet, Ariana’s inner circle “adores him and thinks he’s a perfect fit for her,” and they think Ethan is “balanced, enthusiastic, professional, and very respectful of her boundaries and career.” The source noted that the couple has a lot in common to build on, “especially their theatrical side.”

Ariana Grande
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“They’re a little goofy and… [both] A theater geek at heart,” the insider reportedly revealed. “She loves that about him. It’s mutual. Their relationship is thriving. It’s easy without any drama. It all adds up to a romance that has “become very serious.” They said Ariana is settling down for the foreseeable future. “She sees herself with him long-term,” the insider revealed.

As for Ethan’s past, he has a son from an estranged wife Lily Jay The actor is said to be giving birth to his “first” child in the middle of the relationship. “He always puts his family first but he adores her and is very aware of her feelings,” the source said. They also explained that he is “a great listener, very proactive and wants to be the best partner he can be” to the “God is a Woman” hitmaker.

Ethan Slater
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Ariana has filed for divorce from her ex-husband Dalton Gomez In September, she confirmed in July that she had separated from him months earlier. They finalized their split in October, with the singer paying more than $1 million in the settlement. the evil The co-stars reportedly started dating in July, following their split from their spouses.

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