Apple’s Vision Pro may take a little longer to launch – LSB

When Apple released its first augmented reality headset, the Vision Pro, in June 2023, the company said the product would actually be available “early next year.”

Now, according to Bloomberg’s Mark German (via 9to5Mac ), it looks like “early next year” could actually translate to “sometime around” March 2024.

While March can still technically be considered the start of the year, it will probably sound a little disappointing to those looking to buy the $3,499 headset. Gurman says the Vision Pro was originally slated for release in January, but it’s not quite ready yet and is currently undergoing final testing.

The Vision Pro launch will be very different from Apple’s typical product launches. The augmented reality headset will initially be available only in the US and will only be sold in Apple stores or online. In retail stores, Apple reportedly plans to have dedicated areas with demo units where customers will be able to try the device before they buy. Vision Pro should become available in other countries in late 2024.

There are signs, however, that development is moving forward and that the Vision Pro is close to being ready for prime time. A recent iOS update allowed iPhone 15 users to record spatial videos that can only be viewed on Vision Pro, and a recent update to Vision Pro’s own operating system, visionOS, gave us a sneak peak at the device’s integration process.


The Apple Vision Pro is incredibly expensive, but not for the reason you think

When the Vision Pro becomes available, it might be hard to get hold of one. A report by the Financial Times in July claimed that Apple had dramatically reduced production estimates for the Vision Pro due to the product’s complexity.

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