Apple is finally selling stand-alone cases for USB-C AirPods – LSB

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It will likely be a few years before everyone in the Apple ecosystem can ditch their Lightning cables, but AirPods Pro owners can do so right now without buying a new pair.

Specifically, owners of second-generation AirPods Pro from 2023 can purchase a new USB-C charging case directly from Apple’s online store. It looks and works the same as the one that came with your AirPods Pro back in the summer, but as you might have already guessed, it uses USB-C for charging instead of Lightning.

Get one of these and the iPhone 15 Pro and you can kiss Lightning goodbye.


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There’s just one small problem: the case by itself, without the AirPods Pro, costs $100.

That’s not much of a surprise considering the Apple tax you have to pay to get an iDevice. The case also does a little more than just charge your AirPods, as it has precise location tracking — and even the ability to play sounds if it’s lost. But $100 is still a lot considering the AirPods Pro (including the case) cost $250.

Oh, good. If you want USB-C, this is what you should do.

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