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Have you had your heart broken by Normal people and One day? Looking to repeat the experience with another long-time love story? Alice and Jack it might be the show you’re looking for.

Created by Victor Levin (Crazy people, Crazy for you) and starring Andrea Riseborough and Domhnall Gleeson, Alice and Jack charts the titular couple’s relationship over and over again over 15 years, showcasing love in all its messy, unexpected, and even hilarious moments. As Gleason said at the Television Critics Association (TCA) winter bash, “Being in love is the least mundane thing — it’s the most exciting thing that can happen to you.”

What is Alice and Jack regarding?

CFO Alice (Riseborough) and scientist Jack (Gleeson) share a strong bond from their first meeting. Soon, however, a deep trauma from Alice’s past causes her to reject Jack, and the two part ways.

But this separation is far from the end of their relationship. Over the next 15 years, Alice and Jack’s paths cross again and again, with circumstances and personal imperfections always getting in the way of their love. Will they ever be able to fully realize their relationship? Or are they doomed to be kept apart?

“The world badly and desperately needs stories about love in all its forms right now,” Levine said when Mashable asked about the show’s story similarities to Normal people and One day. “I think the more we can put out things that carry some form of that message, the better.”

“[This is] a love between two people who make a lot of messes and one of them who’s been through a lot of messes,” Riseborough explained. “These people still deserve to experience love, whether it looks conventional or not.”

Andrea Riseborough and Domhnall Gleeson were the only choices for the characters of Jack and Alice.

Levin revealed to TCA that while he was writing Alice and Jack, he could only imagine Riseborough and Gleeson as the main characters. “Out of nine billion people, they’re the two best suited for the roles,” Levin said.

Riseborough and Gleeson have known each other for 15 years, which happens to be the same amount of time we’ve been following Alice and Jack’s relationship. According to Riseborough, this coincidence has also helped their performance throughout Alice and Jacklong timeline. Joining the couple Alice and Jack are Amy Lou Wood (Sex education), Aisling Bea (Up this way), and Sunil Patel (Love at first sight).

Alice and Jack premieres on PBS at 10pm ET on March 17.

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