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Like us mentioned last night, The San Francisco Giants are in full hole-covering mode after missing out on their third prime free agent. They continued to suck Arson Aaron Judge, couldn’t get over Carlos Correa’s ankle, and then Shohei Ohtani found out life is pretty easy when you don’t have to move and you can still get $700 million. While Giants fans are probably frustrated, deep down they probably understand. The Dodgers are just ahead of them in every way, even with Ohtani they would still have things to do to make the Giants a consistent contender, etc.

But as a final kick to the yambag, their most beloved player of the past 20 years wants Giants fans to know that it’s kind of their fault they can’t sign big free agents.

You know it’s a big deal that if you search for “Buster Posey” on Twitter, the first result comes from Outkick. Always a band you want to be your bullhorn.

Apparently LA is a crime free paradise. Isn’t it strange to those of us who grew up in the 1990s so often referred to as the epicenter of everything that was wrong with America, and also that Escape from LA was actually a documentary?

It’s hard to know where to start in highlighting it as the total horse that it is. If Ohtani had signed in San Francisco, it is highly unlikely that the contract would have stated that he would have to live downtown, or even in the city at all, and park his sports car in the Tenderloin. What metropolitan area is it that is completely free of America’s self-imposed problems? Oh, right, the hermetically sealed Truist Park in suburban Atlanta, right?

When the Giants lost on Judge, was it because New York suddenly became Eden?

And if Posey is so concerned about what has happened to downtown San Francisco, and there are many reasons why the city is in trouble right now, it would be wise to point out that Posey made $150 million during his playing career and who knows what else through through endorsements and sponsorships. Do you want to help?

In fact, if Posey is really interested in looking into the depth of the issue, which he certainly isn’t, the structure of Ohtani’s deal — and one the Giants have said they’re willing to match — is another big indicator of how we all got here. Because $680 million of Ohtani’s deal will be paid after he’s most likely done playing, and probably moved to another location, California and probably even the US aren’t going to get any of the taxes that would come from that salary. If Posey is so concerned about crime and drugs and the state of downtown San Francisco, a good place to start is how millionaires like him and billionaires like Ohtani, someday, don’t have to pay their fair share so maybe we can actually do something about the root causes of poverty, addiction and crime. But you can bet your ass that if it were even suggested that we get to a proper tax rate for the rich that every other developed nation has found, Posey would probably be one of the first to fill his pants about it.

But no. Posey just wants everyone to know it’s not the Giants’ inability to produce a star through the system in 10 years other than Logan Webb, or his own retirement, or years of lacking a clear plan to build a foundation. to build that kept free agents away. from Oracle Park. That’s what makes Giants fans San Francisco, in his eyes. Good to go, crooks.

Talk about wipes with nothing meaningful to say. . .

Good day for blunt rumors apparently, because Carli Lloyd couldn’t resist the chance to show her ass on the same day it was revealed just how much abuse the USWNT received during the World Cup:

It seems Lloyd’s quest to become the leader of the “Back in my day…” gang to glorify her accomplishments, which are many, but which the USWNT has already shown was not entirely necessary for them to grow don’t be (they won the world cup in 2019 with her barely contributing, which she is still indirectly bitching about).

Lloyd hated Megan Rapinoe’s knee. She hated the team fighting for equal pay. She hates players who talk about anything other than how to break down a low block. Apparently the abuse is fine as long as you use it as fuel on the field, which is all that matters to Lloyd instead of an insidious part of sport that needs to be eradicated. But that’s how it works when you’re the accomplished effort that Lloyd was, even with the fact that you’re one of the best players of her generation.

MLB with another cynical, thinly veiled shell game

Swing back to baseballl, MLB announced a new feature of spring training for next year and beyond, where teams will pick their best prospects into a group to play against another’s group of top products, to be a doubleheader with a normal spring training game.

This is almost certainly a sign of my increasing paranoia and cynicism, but I always raise an eyebrow when MLB does something else to highlight the minor leagues, an organization that had to be dragged kicking and screaming to even just enter the last year and are still fighting in every way they can.

Any excitement MLB can generate among fans about its own teams’ prospects can reduce the pressure for them to sign free agents or swing big deals for stars. Fans can be mollified to some degree about the cheap labor that might come and go against paying premiums for established pros, with enough hype, which is exactly how MLB wants it. You don’t have to look too hard to find teams doing it now, like the Orioles or Reds or Cubs or Red Sox, who hype what could come tomorrow to excuse not paying for what’s on offer today. MLB even rigged the system to penalize teams for signing free agents by damaging what they have access to for the future ie draft position (boy, if only there was a union to fight such things).

Teams’ best prospects already come in the spring training A games and create highlights that we see on the social gatherings. Maybe it’s a little, but it seems like an indirect way for MLB to throw a smoke bomb to get more fans to watch what’s cheaper for them to pay to distract them from getting upset about teams that don’t pay for what is more expensive and more exciting.

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