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Alyson Hannigan, Alexis Denisof
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Alyson Hannigan He has starred in many successful series. For some fans, she will forever be Willow Rosenberg from the iconic classic show Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. For others, it’s the band that likes to take an interest in Michael Flaherty of the band American pie films. For sitcom fans, she will always be Lily Aldrin from the coming-of-age series how i met your mother.

More recently, Alison has joined another successful series: Dancing with the stars. She has thrived on the show, and is competing in the season 32 finale with Sasha Farber. Throughout her journey dancing with the stars, She had her husband Alexis Denisov Cheering for her. She exclaimed how her husband has been supportive of her in an interview with the people. “He’s been very supportive and I wasn’t surprised, but I’m very appreciative of it,” she said. “He’s always been a hands-on father and he’s made a lot of sacrifices for us. But just supportive and in every way, I’m home, but I’m lying on the couch, kind of, uh. And he’s everything. He’s cooking, [he] Get me ice. It is everything. “Something amazing.”

Before the Season 32 finale, find out everything you need to know about Alexis here!

How did Alison meet Alexis?

Allison and Alexis on the red carpet at the 2002 Emmy Awards. (Stuart Cook/Shutterstock)

Alexis and Alison first met when he joined the cast Buffy. While Allison was a cast member from the beginning, Alexis Wesley Wyndham Price’s character did not enter the show until the third season. The actress said she experienced “flirtation at first sight” in a 2012 interview with the sun.

Despite their relationship, both of them had other relationships before they eventually got together in 1999. She dated someone else, because he didn’t want to get involved with someone he was working with, and after he broke up with his relationship, they got together. after two years.

Alexis is also an actor

As should be clear from their meeting, Alexis is a fellow actor, and is very successful in his own rituals. After Buffy, he continued to act in the spin-off series angel, As Wesley. He has also made notable appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the Other in both Avengers And Guardians of the Galaxy. Other shows he has appeared in include Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Finding Carter, And Grimm.

They have been married since 2003

Alexis popped the question to Alison in 2001 American pie The star recalled his proposal in a 2012 interview with the people. She said they were traveling down the road to her future mother-in-law’s house for the holidays when he popped the question during a stop to eat. She revealed that he started giving a sweet speech when she was in the middle of the sting. “All the time I’m kind of frustrated, wondering, ‘Why does he always do this?’ He says the most romantic things and this would be the perfect way to propose to her and then he doesn’t propose,” she said. “But I knew he meant it because he had a ring.”

The couple said “I do” two years later in an intimate ceremony in Palm Springs. Alison revealed that she invited her American pie castmate January Jones To the party, she was the only one. It was very small, so a lot of people were rejected. “Jason Biggs gave me hell for not inviting me,” she said. Entertainment Weekly.

The couple renewed their vows 10 years later. Alison tweeted that her husband had an amazing surprise for her. “My husband AlexisDenisof surprised me yesterday with the most romantic day of my life! Which included a proposal and another ring! I said yes!” she wrote on X (formerly Twitter) in July of that year. The couple held a ceremony to renew their vows in October, per And the! News.

Along with Buffy, Alexis appeared alongside Allison in How I Met Your Mother.

While the couple met on the set BuffyAlexis made a cameo appearance in other hit TV series in which Alison starred: how i met your mother. He played fan favorite Sandy Rivers for 10 episodes. While Sandy is known as a morning show co-anchor who briefly dated Robin (played by… Cobie Smulders), his character appeared several times in later seasons.

In fact, Alexis reprized the role in the spinoff series How I met your father On Hulu. Although Alison did not appear, a fair number of cast members from the original series appeared over the show’s two seasons.

They have two children

Allison and Alexis smile with their daughters at the Toy Story 4 premiere. (Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

Allison and Alexis are also parents to two beautiful daughters! Alison gave birth to her first child satyana, 14, on her birthday on March 24, 2009. The couple welcomed boil, May 11, 2012.

What did Alison say about Alexis?

Alison has spoken about her husband often in interviews and has shared many funny anecdotes about him over the years. The actress admitted that she misses him a lot when he’s away at work in a 2020 interview with Us Weekly. “We love being together and I feel like a part of my heart was gone when he was gone. So, I’m so excited to have him back,” she said.

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