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The One Chicago family has gone through a rough patch in 2023 due to an onslaught of cast changes – and Us Weekly It helps viewers keep track of them all.

we He confirmed this in January Chicago fire It’s going to look a little different for the remainder of Season 11 after that Taylor Kinney Taking a temporary “vacation.” The actor, who has played Lt. Kelly Severide since the series’ premiere in 2012, was reportedly dealing with a personal matter.

Three months later, NBC announced it Chicago fire, Chicago Med And Chicago PD They were all renewed for another season, which served as a bright spot in the calendar year for fans.

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Chicago Med It experienced its own jolt in May when… Nick Gehlfuss He left the series after eight seasons. Chicago PD It did not lose any cast members for the 2023 season, however Tracy Spiridakos She announced in October that the upcoming Season 11, which will premiere in January 2024, will be her last.

Scroll down to see all of One Chicago’s ups and downs that happened in 2023:

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Taylor Kinney is taking a leave of absence from Chicago Fire

we It was confirmed in January that Kenny would temporarily be absent from the show for the remainder of Season 11. Throughout the season, Kenny’s character was mentioned on several occasions, hinting at his future return. we It was confirmed in October that the actor would return at the start of Season 12, but it has not been determined how many times he will appear.

All changes
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Jesse Spencer is back with Chicago Fire

Amid Kenny’s absence, Spencer reprized his role as Captain Matt Casey in the April episode. He returned for a second time during the Season 11 finale in May. Spencer previously exited the drama in October 2021 after 10 seasons.

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Jesse Lee Souver returns to Chicago PD as director

Following his departure from the procedural crime drama in the fall of 2022, Sofer returned to the world of crime Chicago PD Set in March. However, he did not reprise his role as Detective Jay Halstead, but instead made his directorial debut in the episode “Deadlocked”.

“It’s been great. It’s been very smooth. Working with everyone for 10 seasons together, mentoring each other here and there. We’re all figuring out ways to bring the scenes to life and bring what’s on the page to the camera,” Soffer said exclusively we Before the episode debuts. “So we did it all the time. It was an easy transition.”

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Brian Tee makes his directorial debut with Chicago Med.

Tee portrayed Dr. Ethan Choi on the medical drama for eight seasons before his exit in December 2022, but he didn’t stay away for long, making his role… BD Directorial debut in March.

“I enjoy people. At the end of the day, that’s what really matters,” Tee said. diverse In March of his future on the show. “I love the staff, I love the crew. To be able to come back and play with them again will be fun. The door will always be open.”

All changes
George Burns Jr./NBC

Nick Gehlfuss says goodbye to ‘Chicago Med’

Gilfus was stunned with viewers in May when his character, Dr. Will Halstead, left the Windy City during the final moments of the season 8 finale. Will boarded a plane from Chicago, and when he arrived at his destination, he was accompanied by his former fiancée, Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVito).

“It was a tough decision, but in the end, I felt like I took Dr. Halstead as far as I could go with him. I think that comes down to the creative part of you, or the energy or spirit that you have that you’ve either built up for too long with one person or not. diverse After he left. “I’m drawn to the profession because of its diversity, and eight years is a long time. That’s two college degrees! I joke now that I have a PhD in television.

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He noted that although it was sad to leave the show, reuniting his character with his true love felt like the right move. “It was a beautiful moment, and I hope it brings some relief to the fans,” Gelfuss explained. “Because this relationship has come full circle for Will and Natalie.”

All changes
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Tracy Spiridakos announces exit from ‘Chicago PD’.

News broke in October that Spiridakos was leaving BD After the upcoming Season 11, which premieres next year. The actress, who plays Detective Haley Upton, has yet to publicly comment on her future. Spiridakos has been part of the cast since season four in 2017.

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Kara Kilmer leaves ‘Chicago Fire’

we It was confirmed in November that Kilmer would reprise her role as paramedic Sylvie Brett Chicago fireNext season is 12, but it will be her last. Kilmer joined fire During the third season of 2014 he made several crossover appearances on with And BD

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Kilmer has not spoken about her departure, but she did share old photos from her debut on the series via Instagram in November. “These are the first few pictures I took, or were tagged with, when I first came to Chicago,” she said. “Climbing into Squad 1 was my first exposure to CFDs – some of the best firefighters in the country! The view from my first apartment was absolutely stunning and was the beginning of a love affair with the wonderful city of Chicago!”

All changes
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Alberto Rosende prepares to bid farewell to “Chicago Fire”

Rosende announced in December that the season 12 premiere would be its final episode fire. The actor played firefighter Blake Gallo for four seasons before exiting the show. “When I decided to end my time with… chicago [Fire]“It wasn’t easy,” he wrote via his Instagram Story on December 2. “The people I have met have been truly special, the friendships I have made will last a lifetime and the story I have to tell is one that has made me proud. I can’t wait to see what else we have in store and I wish everyone the best in filming the rest of the season!”

All-new episodes of One Chicago premiere on NBC on Wednesday, January 7, 2024. Season 9 of One Chicago Chicago Med Premiering at 8pm ET, Season 12 of Chicago fire Follows at 9pm ET and Season 11 of Chicago PD Starts at 10pm ET.

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