Aaron Rodgers finally realizes his season is over and it was a dud -LSB

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It's all starting to sink in for Aaron Rodgers now.

It’s all starting to sink in for Aaron Rodgers now.
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Injured New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers have a lot going on over this first weekend in December. He turned 40 on Saturday, then stood on the sidelines Sunday and watched the Jets lose to the Atlanta Falcons while scoring eight points. That may be when it dawned on Mr. Rodgers it was highly unlikely to adjust again this year. Some Rodgers mistakenly called from the beginning thought he would play again this season. It seems that bubble finally burst during his birthday weekend.

Even if the Jets won on Sunday, the odds of Rodgers coming back and being effective on the field were slim. The optimistic attitude is something to admire, but whatever logic Rodgers had behind it was ludicrous at best. The Jets could be in a position to pee in the playoffs, and his return would still be a waste of time. Having Rodgers on the field who can barely move around will be counterproductive.

Standing next to Zach Wilson on the sideline looking like his disinterested stepfather is the best place for Rodgers. Enjoy turning 40 and throwing balls in practice because the Jets are done. The only part that is unclear is whether Rodgers truly believed the Jets would be in a position for his return. A-Rod did said so many absurd things in the past few years that it’s hard to separate what’s real and what’s fiction with this guy.

What happened to the JETS Jets this year is what always happens. They end up doing the Jets thing, even if there is buzz around the team. This is the organization Rodgers wanted to play for. He’s supposed to be a good decision maker – so much for that idea. Rodgers backed Green Bay into a corner because he only wanted to be traded to one team. Then it all blew up in their faces immediately at the start of the season. Talk about the most Jets thing ever; you got it right here. It’s time for Aaron to return home to his cave, sample psychedelics, and hibernate for the winter. He certainly won’t be a part of any playoff games, at least not as a participant.

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