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Brad Bohannon was dismissed from Alabama’s baseball program on May 4 for “among other things, violating the standards, duties and responsibilities expected of university employees,” according to a statement from Alabama athletic director Greg Byrne. While how heavily Bohannon was involved in the sports betting that led to him getting the pink slip is not, and may never be, public knowledge, his quick ouster does all the talking for both sides. Maybe Bohannon thought he could get away with it, or it wouldn’t be a fireable offense (the most idiotic option), or he was looking for a quick way out of coaching forever. Having no moral compass or external reference point to think this was a bad idea shows Bohannon is unfit to run a Division-I athletic program. It’s actually twisted to think that this was going on for a while before he was caught. How many results were affected by slimy tactics that somehow didn’t derail the Southeastern Conference baseball season?

The person making the bets that marked questions was identified by Sports Illustrated as Bert Eugene Neff Jr., of Mooresville, Ind., the parent of a current University of Cincinnati baseball player. His relationship with Bohannon is unclear, except through the baseball world, as Bohannon never coached at Ohio State. Either way, congrats on being a big dumbass and thinking helping someone make money off of your kids through sports betting was a good idea.

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